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About a Pidgey Drones. 
In short we just wantedFly fly up up.

We focus on aerial image generation (photography and filming), using unmanned aerial equipment and remotely controlled by radiofrequency RCAs (multi-rotors), also known as Vants and Drones.

Founded in 2022, thePidgey Dronesbrings to the market the most modern in aerial image capture and stabilization, presenting an exclusive content.

THEPidgey Drones comes to the market to add value with the use of drones, in services such as AERIAL FILMING, AERIAL PHOTOS, PROMOTIONAL ACTIONS, among others.

We can fly where an ordinary aircraft (helicopter or plane) cannot. Narrow areas, streets, alleys, covered areas, at low altitude or in places with natural obstacles or geological faults.

We are always looking for a different, unusual, aerial angle. Photos and videos seen from above make all the difference. Aerial images provide a global view that cannot be captured at ground level.

We value safe flight.

THEPidgey Drones  respects both existing norms and guidelines from government agencies and safety measures and recommendations to ensure an ethical, safe and legal flight.

Depending on the type of filming to be performed, it is necessary to request authorizations from DECEA (Department of Airspace Control), whose deadline for approval may vary according to each project, as well as being within the regulation da_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency). In addition to having the mandatory RETA insurance, covered by XXXXX Seguros.

Additionally, we constantly monitor the Weather, Solar Storms and Earth's Electromagnetic Field that can interfere with the safety of drone flight. look here the real-time tracking.

Respecting all these issues allows for the safe use of Brazilian airspace and accident prevention. Remember that bothPidgey Drones, how much their contractors are responsible for the flight. We also have a clara Privacy Policy.

See more in our article Regulations for the use of Drones. In addition to use Recreational X Commercial

We serve with professional pilots and with 100% up-to-date documentation.
Pilots in all states of Brazil.


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