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Drone Pilots

Drone Pilots in Brazil

Drone pilots across Brazil are hired by Pidgey Drones, to carry out services in their respective regions, as soon as they are internally approved.
So, if you have proven experience, and have the documentation up to date, you can be part of the Drone Pilots team in Brazil.

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Our team grows every day, however, we are constantly looking for the best professional drone pilots in Brazil, who propose to provide the services requested with excellence and quality.
Therefore, flying in accordance with ANAC, DECEA and ANATEL regulations for drones is essential. THEPidgey Drones  respects and follows the current regulations.

How we work:

  • Pidgey Drones is responsible for all bureaucratic part, from the initial contract with the customer, as with the pilot.

  • The hired drone pilots capture the images and send the digital files to a Pidgey Drones.

  • THEPidgey Drones receives the files, adapting to the needs of the client previously handled by our video editing team.

  • The Pilot has guaranteed in contract the receipt of payment by thePidgey Drones, within the period specified in the contract.

To participate, register in the Pilots system Pidgey Drones clicking here.


Heads up:

Our proposal is to add new professional pilots in the indication of services provided with drone.
This is not an effective contract (CLT) or any other method that creates employment relationships with our company.

We work through the issuance of invoices, although, for self-employed professionals, we issue RPS with the appropriate discounts.

After your registration, our contact will take place in accordance with the demand for the services requested in your region.

However, when registering, you will have access to a restricted area, offering exclusive advantages such as:

  • Contracting services according to the demand of thePidgey Drones;

  • 35% discount on insurance (RETA) for your drone;

  • Additional discounts for CASCO Insurance (coming soon);

  • Restricted area, in order to keep your documentation online (in case of inspection);

  • Training Area (under development);

  • Partner Area for PilotsPidgey Drones, between others.


Open registration for pilots from all over Brazil.


Registering as a drone pilot on our website does not immediately guarantee a valid account as a pilot capable of performing services, so it is important to keep the data always updated in order to receive new proposals for your region.

Homem se preparando para pilotar um drone

Become a Drone Pilot atPidgey Drones!

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